An Interesting Twist on the Game of Clue

1 Jun

I wish I had this idea when Bill Clinton was President.  I want to start a website where people gamble on sex scandals.  There is always one sex scandal going on, such as with John Travolta with male massuses right now, and I think I can make money off of this.


Here’s how it would work.  It will be a lot like the game of Clue where players had to declare who they thought killed Mr. Body with the statements “Colonel Mustard, with the pipe, in the conservatory.”  Here, gamblers would have to say, if they were beating on Bill, “Lincoln Bedroom, doggie style, donor’s daughter” or “Air Force One, pile driver position, Chelsea’s High School friend.”  


I think we could have a lot of fun with this and the best part is the market will determine the odds.  


Would anybody else want to bet on this?


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