Children’s Cancer Ward vs. Twilight Fans: Who is more Pathetic

1 Jun

Today I was in a hospital and took a wrong turn.  I ended up in the children’s cancer ward.  Their bodies had been ravaged by disease, chemotherapy, and radiation.  Yet, these weren’t the most depressing children I’ve seen.  The saddest was when I was in a bookstore with a Twilight fan club meeting.  I’ve never seen so many miserable looking girls with their even more miserable mothers that looked worse than the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  I was thinking about this and I concluded that I’d rather spend a month in a children’s cancer ward watching them die than spend time looking at Twilight fans.   The reason being that a lot of the cancer kids actually have hope for their life  and I could lie to myself in order to believe some of their lives will get better.  


The Twilighters have no hope; their lives will only get worse because A) vampires don’t exist and B) even if handsome, lovelorn, beautiful ones did, they wouldn’t be interested in them.  I think that’s worse than cancer.  


I shared this thought with my cousin, whose daughter, I forgot, would fit in perfectly with that crowd and reads those books obsessively.  


This is how I got disinvited to another family gathering.    


Further Bulletins as Events Warrant




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