Why Radiation is Healthy: a stupid idea

1 Jun

I think that there is an optimal amount of radiation a person should get in a given day.  Much like we have recommended amounts of certain vitamins and calories, we should have a daily recommended dose of radiation.


Here’s an example of my poor reasoning skills and how I came to this conclusion: everybody has a certain number of cancerous cells in their body.  A person becomes sick when there are too many in one area and basically the cancerous cells stage a coup against the healthy cells.  To fight this, we treat cancer patients with a strategy straight out of World War 1: we hope to kill the cancerous cells faster than the healthy cells with chemotherapy (read: poison) and radiation.  If this works, the person gets healthy.  


But, I’m a fan of addressing issues before they become problems.  So, why not just radiate a person with a low dose of optimal radiation to kill the cancer cells everyday?  True, we’ll kill healthy cells, but we’ll also kill cancerous cells as well and prevent people from getting cancer.


Can someone please give me a good reason why this is a bad idea so I can go back to work and stop thinking about this?


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