Worst Holiday Email Ever

1 Jun

This is the worst holiday email I have ever seen.  It was sent, in mass, to at least a 100 people.  I got this this morning, and I can’t believe it.  


I would feel sorry for the author if he wasn’t a mendacious twerp who thinks I should like him even though I catch him lying to try and steal money from me at least one a month.  And, yes, he still thinks I’m his friend.  (Side note: you are not my friend if one of the regular things I say to you is something around the lines of “How are not trying to honor what you wrote and said this time….and why isn’t this your fault” [this is my favorite part: it never makes sense and I can literally put the phone down, walk away, and come back twenty minutes later and he will still be talking; he would be fun if he wasn’t so difficult to deal with].  


The take-away on this is never write emails like this.  Don’t swear and email isn’t Twitter, where most of the tweets (tweets for wits on the internet, which will make you a nitwit) are unread (80% at least go unread).  It will last forever.  


I’m probably a little biased on this, so can anyone else confirm that this isn’t the sort of email you should send to business people?  And, this is coming from me: I send inappropriate emails all the time, but even this has me shocked.  The best hope I have for this person is that he’s drunk out of his mind and on drugs.  This is the best case scenario.  


Happy Thanksgiving from everybody’s favorite Turkey:







Another shit holiday without the fam and the women I truly love( that would be Heather).Can not get a dam flight to Tennessee to save my ass.Fuckers at the car wash blow out my back window grrr.But I did fix Volare up for the time being till the car shop takes care of my baby….If you or anyone gets the true message of this long ass part of my existence. Hold the ones you love like its your last.Never give up hope for tomorrow and always above all else give your Passion to what you love in this life.After seven years and life a threating divorce…I have learn its not what you do that defines you.It is the people you stand by day in and day out protecting them in there greatest time of need. Because you truly have love in your heart for them and what they do.In closing, your on this message.Then you dam well better believe,I will stand by you forever and always be true.


Thank you,




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