A Strange Phone Call

5 Jun
This morning I received a phone call from a really good friend of mine.  He’s in the Marine’s [rumor has it he is actually in Special Forces and Marine Force Recon, but he denies it; which, interestingly enough, only reinforces this general opinion] and is currently deployed in Afghanistan (I think).  
Marine: “Hey.”
Me: “Hey.”
Marine: “I’m getting ready to go on a mission and I have my three minute phone call.”
At this point, I start to think, oh no, he probably couldn’t get in touch with his wife and is calling me to relay a message to her.
Me: “Okay…I’ll let your wife know you love her if…you [gulp]…don’t come back.” I start to get concerned and begin to fidget in my seat.  
Marine: “Nah, she knows that.  I want to know how Peyton Manning looked in the offseason training sessions.  I can’t get streaming video here.”  He was dead serious and no sign of any sort of nerves or worry in his voice.
There was an awkward pause for a few moments.  We had watched every Broncos game together for years and he was my football-nerd friend.  We would pour over stats and speak in sentences so filled with abbreviations it sounded like morse code.  It was a tradition of ours to go to the Broncos training camp every year.  And, no, I don’t play fantasy football.  That would take over my life and make me even more boring.  
He spoke again.
Marine: “Come on, I’m on a time limit here.  I read they worked on the long-ball yesterday.  Was he throwing it well?”
Another awkward pause while I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  
Me: “Yeah, from what I saw.”  
We then chatted about NFL-related business for the next couple minutes before he said the following.
Marine: “Cool…my time’s up.  I have to go get ready to go try and kill people.  Talk to you later.”  [Once again, no concern in his voice.  I thought use of the verb “try” was just a little strange.]
Me: “Send me an email when you get back to let me know you didn’t die.”
Marine: “If I remember, but send me an email to remind me….and any good Broncos news as well.”
Since this conversation, I’ve been playing the Monkey’s Daydream Believer a lot.  
The sad part is, this hasn’t been the weirdest conversation I’ve had so far this week.
Further Bulletins as Events Warrant 

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