Signs you are Middle-Aged

21 Jun
Signs you are middle-aged:
-You get excited when your medicine comes in the mail
-You’ve pulled a hamstring having sex
-You’ve had a lengthy conversation with a friend about nose hair trimmers
-You get hit on by an annoying young girl with daddy-issues who says “You look just like my father” at a Banana Republic
-You turn to a random radio station and rock out to a bunch of songs you haven’t heard since high school; you later realize it is the oldies station
-You have an adult conversation with a young cousin and say “Where were you when that happened?” only to realize they weren’t alive when it happened
-You were a first hand witness to events now described in high school history books
-You think to yourself you’d be a kick-ass step-dad
-You sometimes think sex seems like too much work
-You get grouchy if you are kept up too late at night
-You write this list in under five minutes and stop because you no longer find it funny
Further Bulletins as Events Warrant

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