Watching Colorado Burn: do we have time for a rational solution?

27 Jun
I’m watching Colorado burn right now and I just called my uncle in Boulder to see if he has evacuated yet.  And, what I’m wondering right now is why doesn’t Colorado, a dry desert, not have its own fleet of cool air planes that can drop chemicals which can put out fires?  I’m pretty sure we can collect five bucks from every resident in the state to pay for them.  I’m in.  Even then, we can lease them out to other states because the great thing about planes is they can get places quickly.  That should pay for them.  I mean, we have a state national guard.  Why not have a state fire air fleet?  They can be flown by volunteers.  I’m sure there’s tons of people who know how to fly a plane in the same state which has the Air Force Academy.  If you can drop a bomb on somebody, I’m pretty sure dropping fire retardant will be a snap.    
Who wants to start lobbying the local governments to do something because the Feds have dropped the ball on this one?   

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