Signs your Doctor Doesn’t Like You

28 Jun
-He takes a personal phone call in the middle of a prostate exam and tells you to “stay in position”
-Forgets to tell you shouldn’t go off pain killers you’ve been on for two months so you don’t end up vomiting in the bathroom the entire time you are on a first date
-Forgets to explain, just because it says you take the pills once a day, taking them all at the once might end up with you on the bathroom floor with 911 on speed-dail doing a cost-benefit analysis of paying for an ambulance, damage to the door paramedics will have to kick down to get to you, and the fact you are a cheap skate
-You wonder when the relationship went south and realize it was when you pulled out your smart phone to check the accuracy of what he was saying and informed him, “According to the National Health Institute, you are wrong”
Further Bulletins as Events Warrant

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