I Want a New Mental Illness Named after Me

1 Jul

I have decided I think there should be a new mental illness named after me.  I would like it called “CTBelitz’s Complaint.” The diagnostic criteria is simple: it is the opposite of a paranoid: a person suffering from CTBelitz’s Complaint will walk around with the delusion people actually like them.  

The diagnosis is simple: if people don’t return your emails, phone calls, or texts are prime candidates.  The next feature is the consistent belief people will call you back.  

If left untreated, CTBelitz’s Complaint will degenerate into CTBelitz’s Dilemma, which is where the patient comes to the belief they are ghosts.  The only now cure at this point is for the patient to screw up at something in order to gain attention; negative or otherwise.  Treatment at this point is tough: you are not dead, yes, but nobody really cares what you think.  

Further Bulletins as Events Warrant



One Response to “I Want a New Mental Illness Named after Me”

  1. obsessive October 21, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    Lol don’t worry, I have the same goal xD

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