I Think Studying Psychology is Making me Insane

3 Jul

The guidebook for psychology experts (“DSM”) is being updated next year.  I’d like to see a definition of a well-adjusted human being.  I want to see this because, well, off and on, for about fifteen years I’ve been reading books about human behavior and, I can safely say, it has driven me crazy.  

I never majored in psych nor did any formal education or training for it.  It was more of an intellectual interest in an attempt to understand people, why they do things the way they do, their decision making process, and why I have an irrational belief God watches over my favorite sports teams.  

I didn’t get any of these answers.  

Instead, I’m convinced I have every personality disorder in the DSM, except the one which I really have, because, people with personality disorders aren’t aware of their own behavior.  Therefore, I can’t know what I really have.  Process of elimination turns into bait and switch where somedays I think I have one problem, but that can’t be it, so it must be another.  I end up at absurdity and this keeps me up night and interferes with my self-abuse.  

I’ve decided to quite reading books about psych and go back to reading books on ethics.  Or, I can take the Cliff Note version and just follow the Ten Commandments.  I’m still debating which path is easier.  

Further Bulletins as Events Warrant



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