List of Country Songs I’d like to write (funny)

10 Oct
The following list are the names of country western songs I’d write if I had any talent.  And, yes, I realize I’m probably insane.

All your love gave me was cold sores

-I lost my virginity in the county jail shower
-Me and my ten gallon hat in New York City
-They just told me my sister is my Mother
-Whiskey is best in the morning
-Why didn’t we move our trailer when we heard there was a tornado coming?
-All my illegitimate children live in Texas
-If you were only like my truck
-He was too drunk to be an outlaw
I think I could win an award and go platinum with several of these songs.  
Further Bulletins as Events Warrant
PS Not to worry.  I’ll do a list of rock, pop, and hip-hop songs at some point….yes, I write ideas down and plan these things out.  I think I need more hobbies or a better social life.    

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