Fun with Euthanasia

26 Oct

I was reading the Economist when I ran across an article describing how physician assisted suicide is becoming more acceptable and legalized around the world.  When I read this, I thought whether euthanasia will ever be accepted in the United States.  Then, I thought, if assisted suicide is legal here, will insurance companies cover it and how will this effect premiums?  A person I talked to about this thought the death-by-doctor option would increase the policy cost per person.  His reasoning was, since this would be an extra service and we pay more for additional services, the premium will increase.

I disagree. 

I think euthanasia would decrease your insurance cost.  My theory is that when people get really sick, they cost the insurance company tons of money to take care of them the last months of their life.  It would be in the insurance companies best interest if they just died before spending this amount of money and what better way for the insurance companies to save money if the person killed themselves before spending this amount of money.  Not to mention this would be a good strategy to deal with the mentally ill.  The mentally ill cost insurance companies more money than anyone else and what better way to get ride of them than through doctor-assisted suicide?  It would be a great policy for insurance companies to get these potential liabilities off their books, not to mention if the Government approved this policy we could cut Medicare and Medicaid costs.  I think physician assisted suicide would decrease insurance premiums and health care costs at all levels.

Where is my logic wrong on this?  And, if I’m not, who wants to lobby the government with me to get this legalized?

Further Bulletins as Events Warrant


PS Don’t take this seriously because I’m probably insane and, yes, these are the thoughts which kept me out of the really good schools.


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