Where do computer hackers find the time?

5 Nov

This morning, I was reading an article on how NBC’s website got hacked.  The hackers posted messages showing support for Guy Fawkes and his fifth of November thing (think of V for Vendetta).  My question is, how do hackers by-pass a company’s website security system, which I assume must be fairly technical and difficult, get access to the website, then post a political message with incorrect spelling and grammar?  I mean, this is a lot like throwing a $250,000 wedding and the bride shows up in sweat pants.

Also, where do computer hackers find the time to do this?  Don’t they have lives?  And, for all their brains, can’t they find something more productive to do with their time?  If you can break into a billion dollar company’s website and bypass all of their really cool security features, couldn’t they get over-paid jobs someplace?  

These are the thoughts which kept me out of the really good schools


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