I want to be on the Jury for a Procedural Crime Drama

11 Dec

I divide my goals into two categories: 1) Big life goals and 2) little life goals.  Big life goals include being a professional writer, owning the Denver Broncos, and being the inventor of something so stupid it’s successful (think around the lines of the pet rock…I might actually pull this one off since I’ve been calling friends for market research…can somebody please call me back on this one).  

The little goals are more fun.  They include 1) having sex in the Lincoln Bedroom 2) understand why people like, watch, and follow wrestling 3) learn how to use a Cuisinart 4) never get another prostate infection, etc.
I have a new addition to the little life goals.  I’m sick right now and watching a lot of procedural crime dramas.  I’ve decided I want to be on the jury on one of these shows.  I don’t want a speaking part.  I just want to sit their looking serious and concerned.  I think I can pull this off.  I also want to be the jury member who falls asleep during the trail in the background.  
Is this a good goal or am I taking too much medication?

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