My resignation as Head of Broncos Super-fan: I am responsible for the loss

13 Jan
I would like to submit my resignation as a Head of Broncos Super fans.  I do so with a heavy heart.  I think it is in the best interest of the reservation if I go into exile because I am responsible for the Broncos stunning upset loss on Saturday.
I know my sudden retirement shocks many of you given my super-fan commendations, which include:
1)  Spending both Broncos’ Super Bowl wins in the painful company of a psychopathic couple and their narcissist daughter
2) Sitting in a bathroom for an entire game–including when other people where using it–because the team did better when I was in the restroom
3) Once breaking up a successful relationship when she disclosed she was a Raider’s fan.  I didn’t want to do it, but her influence could adversely affect the team
4)  I earned a reward for growing up and getting over my hatred of Peyton Manning and being able to work with him even though he was a sworn enemy for years.  My love of the Broncos was greater than my hatred.  This showing of maturity led me to my most recent position: Head of Super-fan
My sudden retirement is due to I’m the reason the Ravens pulled off a dramatic upset–in what could be considered one of the greatest playoff games of all time–because I made the fatal mistake of obtaining a ticket to the AFC championship game, which was supposed to be held in Denver.  To further garuantee the loss, I was making plans to attend the Super Bowl because I randomaly know someone who has tickets only if the Broncos went.
These plans were pure hubris on my part because, if you knew my past attending playoff games and, really, any sports games in general, I should have known I was making a mistake.  For you see, I was present when the Broncos were the number one seed with John Elway and they were upset by Jacksonville back in the nineties.  I was there when they were, once again, the number one seed and lost to the Steelers with Plumber.  I knew my mere presence, or planned presence, would impact the game.  I choose not to attend the electrifying Tebow lead Bronco victory over the Steelers in the playoffs because I knew my record.  Only from home, with no plans to go to the game and living in the present, could I be head of Super-fans.
But, I got arrogant.
I believe my previous successes blinded me to the reality I am no longer objective.  When history judges me, I would like them to say I cared too much.  With that, I will always love the team and I will never give up my NFL Sunday ticket, but I am no longer fit to serve as a representative and gentleman of Orange.
Burdened with Sadness

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