World: I really wish I didn’t piss so many of you off

21 Feb

Dear All Good People:

I have several talents in life I’m not proud of.  Chief among which is my skill in being able to piss people off easily and quickly.  This has a certain blow-back to it.  This means I rarely get encouraging emails back from people regarding my little visited blog, which is what I’m looking for because I’ve lost my self-confidence, but I do get tons of hate email.  
The hate email is never about my writing style, whether it was funny or not, but it is more focused on people who have problems with me personally.  This is a long list and their complaints range from how I promptly exited companies, industries, and, most importantly, gave frank character assessments to people who asked for my opinion.  
For instance, I found out the Bad Tipper got engaged and I sent an email to give him some kudos because he found a girl to marry despite being the world’s worst tipper and it being it universally assumed he’s gay (I once saw him on a bike ride wearing a pink wig).  I admit, I told him this directly and asked him if he’s gay.  
No ill intention.  No angry behind those comments.  I just asked.  
He responded with an email saying he doesn’t like to get emails from people with blogs.  Age has made me more mature so I didn’t send him an email back saying I thought he was too wimpy to say he didn’t like me.  
It’s been several days and I regret not sending the email saying that.  Once again, my talent in life is causing trouble. 

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