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I wish my name was Kentucky Derby Horse

4 May

Every year, I watch the Kentucky Derby.  I like horses, I like riding them, and, if I ever have the means, I’m going to ride them as a hobby.  But, my favorite part about the Kentucky Derby is, not just the hats of the ladies, but the names of the horses.  

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be named Golden Soul, Normandy Invasion, Overanalyze, Palace Malice, Charming Kitten, Falling Sky, or Lines of Battle? 
So, I’m proposing a new game.  Remember how everyone in high school came up with the name you would have in porn (combining the street you grew up on as your last name and your childhood dog’s name as your first name; mines is Waggs Jamison), I think everyone should select the name of a Kentucky Derby horse as their derby name.
My Kentucky Derby Name is Overanalyze.  What one is yours? 
Check out to find the names of the horses.  
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