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The Mayan End of the World – What Time Zone will it Occur in?

20 Dec

This question is taking over my life.  Some people think the end of the world will occur tomorrow due to the incredible tight logic the Mayan Calender–written thousands of years ago–stops.  Never-mind the fact the calender was written on stone with concentric circles and ends because they seem to have run out of room.  The question I have for the doomsday believers are: what time zone does the apocalypse occur in?  I mean, the world exists in different time zones, so, if the world suddenly comes to an end, what time zone will it end on?  My conclusion is that it will be in central time or mountain time because that is where the Mayan Empire existed in.  This means everyone else in, say, ET, world will end at either 1 or 2 AM on the next day.  This presents a logic problem: how can the Mayan’s be accurate if the world ends on a different day for everyone else in the world?  


I want to throw a Mayan-End-of-the-World party

19 Nov

I want to throw a Mayan-End-of-the-World party.  The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012 (a Friday).  Some people are predicting the end of the world; others say it is the beginning of a new time period (don’t send me any references to Obama, please).  Those who voted for Romney can think its the end of the world and those who voted for Obama can think of it as a new age.  It’s something for everyone.

Every good party needs a theme, though.  Examples include Pimp and Hoe, tacky sweater parties, casino night, etc.  I think the theme for this one would be what you would wear in post-apocalyptic world so you can kill and survive.  As a boy scout who survived exactly one meeting before quitting, I understand the importance of being prepared.  This is why we are going to wear outfits.  This way, when we count down to the end of the world (we will be counting down from where the Mayan capital’s time zone is located from when it turns midnight there), we will be prepared to go out and survive.

What sort of outfits?  I think they should be inspired from post-apocalyptic movies.  The one I thought of was Road Warrior (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082694/).  This gives the party goers the opportunity to wear leather and weapons.  I’m not into movies so much, so if anybody has any other ideas or references, let me know.
If we get really into this (bear in mind I have too much energy and time on my hands), the only food would be the food we eat in a world after the apocalypse.  We are going to have prepare our bodies for a diet only available in a nightmare lawless world that isn’t Staten Island.  Any food loaded with preservatives will do.  We can have anything made by Chef-boy-R-D or Hostess (Twinkies) for food.  And, we can drink jungle juice and home made beer for refreshments because, well, that’s what we are going to eat in a post-apocalyptic world.  We don’t have to do the last part, I’m just throwing out ideas.
What I like most about this idea is it could become an annual party and the perfect spoil for Christmas parties.  It could be end of the world party plus three years.  This would get more and more funny each year.
A mere 12 hours ago I proposed throwing an end-of-Mayan calendar party.  In part of that email, I mentioned we should eat Twinkies since they can literally last a hundred years.  This morning, I read Hostess is filing for liquidation (an interesting aside, when I was in distressed debt I covered Hostess–then called Interstate Bakeries–first bankruptcy and, even then, I knew they didn’t solve any of their problems).

With the preferred desert we would need in the event of the end of the world, I’m getting concerned the end of the world is actually happening.
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